“Фразеология радиообмена на английском языке при управлении воздушным движением”

6. Контрольные задания – Section 4

Ex. 16. Match the sentence beginning on the left with its ending on the right.

1. Roger,

a) POB (persons on board).

2. Squawk

b) will be provided.

3. All stations,

c) resume transmitting.

4. Are you declaring

d) are alerted / in position.

5. Understand

e) intentions.

6. Attention all aircraft

f) on the RWY.

7. Report

g) cancel distress.

8. All stations, distress traffic ended

h) stop transmitting, Mayday.

9. Advise

i) in the vicinity of … emergency descent in progress.

10. Medical assistance

j) Mayday.

11. Emergency services

k) an emergency?

12. Expect foam carpet

l) Mayday / PAN PAN.

Ex. 17. Reply to the pilot.

1. Mayday … SNM 187, port engine is burning. Unable to extinguish fire, starting emergency descent 100 km FD inbound. We have 70 passengers and 5 crew on

2. PAN PAN … GBL, I have a severely ill passenger on board, we suspect a heart attack. Will continue to destination and request ambulance upon arrival.