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24.01.2023 New “Instrumental Rating (IR)” Instrumental Rating (IR).
10.01.2022 New “ATPL (H)” tests for helicopters.
06.12.2021 New “ATPL(A)”tests for aeroplanes.
06.12.2021 New “CPL (A), CPL-IR (A)” tests for aeroplanes.
22.02.2016     Test-result saving mode was added. See the Profile
12.02.2016     Two modes are available to work with: “Training” and “Examination”
26.08.2015     New section is open. The Manuals
15.07.2015     A new Section “The manuals” are to be opened soon.
30.03.2015     Important! The access to the paid resources on the website will be 8$ per month since 30.03.2015.