Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started.
You need to log in to pass the test.
How to sign up?
Press the button “Sign up” on the right sidebar under the ”Sign in“. Then, enter your “Username” and “E-mail” and press the “Sign up”. The letter with your username and password will be sent to your e-mail within 5 minutes. Hereafter, enter your login and password on the right sidebar on the website.
Free exam.
TIn order to become familiar with the test services you may try to pass free exam without logging in.
How to pay for the services?
The cost of using the website resource is $0.27 per day. You can work with the exams for 30 days for 8$, 15 days – 4$. There are only exams and some training materials on our website you need to pay for.
What is the “Training mode?”
All questions to the disciplines are shown with the right answers in the “Training Mode”. In order to choose another question you need to press the “Next”.
What is the “Examination mode?”
Only examination questions are shown in the “Examination mode”. The right answers aren’t shown. There is an automatic switch over to the next question after choosing the answer to the previous task.
The “Next” button is used to skip the question.