“Фразеология радиообмена на английском языке при управлении воздушным движением”

5. Контрольные задания – Section 3

Ex. 11. Translate the pilot’s information into Russian.

1. When airborne we had a bird strike into the pilot’s windshield. We’re returning as it is cracked. Request a visual approach to RW 26.
2. Unable to accept rerouting. We are to navigate according to Jeppessen Charts. That is via HGR and R27.
3. Expedite start up clearance. Otherwise I won’t be able to make slot 17.
4. Just before my airborne radar cut off I observed some weather blips on my route but I didn’t exactly get their position. Will you help me with radar vectoring?
5. We are low on fuel. Endurance is 45 minutes only. When will snow removal be completed?
6. The action you recommended is not acceptable to us. It violates international flight rules. Request reducing our speed instead.
7. Reaching FL 7 200 m now. Number 1 engine fire warning light has just come on. Trying to extinguish the fire, will maintain FL 7 200 m.
8. We’ve entered the thunderstorm activity area due to weather radar failure, our FMS is unserviceable now. Request radar guidance.

Ex. 12. Confirm the pilot’s message and give your instructions.

1. Request departure information.
2. I suspect we have missed our TW. Visibility is practically zero.
3. Take off aborted due burst tyre. We’ve slightly rolled off the RW.
4. Can you release us for R22 routing?
5. Clear of conflict, returning to FL 9600 m.
6. We have compass system failure. Request radar guidance.
7. MJ 652 has stopped ILS approach. Glidepath signal unreliable. Going around.
8. I am not familiar with your aerodrome. Request detailed taxi instructions.

Ex. 13. Clarify the situation.

1. Ask BAW 937 to explain why he requests further climb again. Some minutes before you suggested him climbing but he refused due weight.
Controller: … .

2. You have instructed the landed A-320 (Lufthansa 158) just to vacate left without any clarification. There are three TWYs left side of the RWY. One of the TWYs is the shortest way to the apron. The captain of A-320 asks you to make it clear via what TWY you meant to vacate.
Controller: … .

Ex. 14. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense and form.

1. We (arrange) transport to remove the passengers as soon as possible. Also we (alert) emergency services. Advise if any further assistance (require).
Stop immediately, I say again, stop immediately: flames (come) from the left main gear.
You (go) too far. You (miss) TWY 4. Wait there for the leader van.
Severe thunderstorm (report) approximately 30 km ahead of you. 747 (avoid) it with right 10° heading change. Advise intentions.
Bratsk, Russia, landings on RWY 27 (not / permit) if wind direction 200240° and wind speed (be) more than 25 m/s.
The first 45 m of RWY 36 (close), usable length of the RWY (reduce) to 3500 m.

Ex. 15. Translate the controller’s instructions into English.

1. Если вы не можете уменьшить скорость до 190 узлов, вам придется ждать над приводом РО не менее 15 мин.
2. Разрешу эшелон 10 100, как только позволит воздушная обстановка.
3. Если не наблюдаете ВПП, переходите в набор. Вы не должны снижаться, если нет визуального контакта с землей.
4. Какую ВПП вы будете использовать для вылета?
5. Когда вы будете готовы к рулению? Ускорьте проверку, пожалуйста.
6. Как вы будете обходить грозу?
7. Почему вы были вынуждены отклониться от маршрута?
8. На какой высоте вы перелетели опасную зону?
9. Вы хотите эшелон выше или ниже вашего? Борт впереди вас предпочел эшелон 9 600.
10. На каком эшелоне была болтанка?