“Фразеология радиообмена на английском языке при управлении воздушным движением”

3. Контрольные задания – Section 1

Ex. 1.

a) What parts of speech are the words in italics?

anticipatory problem avoid ambiguity imminent danger

b) Find an appropriate explanation for each word and translate it into Russian.
anticipatory ambiguity imminent

1. Which is going to happen very soon.
2. Something that has more than one possible meaning or interpretation, unclear.
3. Connected with wrong expectations.

Ex. 2. Match the words in two columns to make up as many word combinations as possible.

E.g. 1d – Opportunity for clarification


Opportunity for

a) problems



b) danger



c) requirements of communication



d) clarification



e) consequences



f) conflicts



g) clearance

h) misinterpretation

i) workload

j) reply

Ex. 3. Read the text and change the Russian words and phrases into their English equivalents from Ex. 2. Communication problems and the English language proficiency requirements.

Communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is a process that is vital for the safe and efficient control of air traffic. Phraseology enables us to communicate quickly and effectively despite language differences and reduces вероятность неверного понимания (1). The recent analysis of radiotelephony confirms that complicated and двусмысленные разрешения (2) as well as controllers’ missing of pilot readbacks, thus causing проблемы, связанные с ложными ожиданиями (3), have become a contributory factor in communication breakdown. As a result the ICAO has introduced высокие требования к ведению радиосвязи (4) for ATC and pilots to improve the level of language proficiency globally and avoid conflicts with потенциально (5) serious последствиями, влияющими на безопасность (6). The надвигающееся (7) implementation of the English language proficiency requirements has become a real problem to face for a lot of controllers.

Ex. 4. Choose the best paraphrase in B for the advice in A.

A. Advice

Pilots and controllers should make a conscious effort to use standard phraseology in all radiotelephony communications. In addition, intonation and the placement of pauses in a transmission may be significant.

B. Paraphrase

k) Pilots and controllers should realize how important it is to keep to standards in all radiotelephony communications. They should also understand possible consequences of deviation from standard phraseology.

l) Pilots and controllers should realize how important it is to keep to standards in all RT communications and should also be careful with pauses as they could lead to misunderstanding.

m) Pilots and controllers should try hard to use standard phraseology in all RT communications. They should also realize the consequences of inadequate pausing and of deviation from standards.