70-02. (H) Operations Manual

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1. The authorization for the transport of hazardous materials is specified on the:
2. The operator will include in the Operations Manual a list of minimum required equipment approved by: (Annex 6, Parti)
3. What is the major factor causing wake turbulence?
1) Wing tip vortices.
2) Engines.
3) High lift devices.
4) Size of the landing gear.

4. The attitudes to be adopted by the passengers, sitting in the travelling direction, in case of an emergency landing are:
1) legs together and feet flat on the floor
2) head resting against the back of the front seat
3) forearms on the armrests
4) seat belt very tightly fastened
5) head resting on the forearm
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

5. Which of the following requirements should be met when planning a flight with icing conditions?