70-01. (H) General

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1. In accordance with JAR-OPS 3, the amount of fuel to be carried by a helicopter on a VFR flight in a non-hostile environment should include contingency fuel of:
2. According to (EU) OPS, a category D aeroplane can carry out a circling approach only if the meteorological visibility is higher than or equal to:
3. On an NDB approach with an MDH of 360 ft and a required RVR of 1.500 m and a reported RVR of 2.500 m, when can you start an approach, i.e. which is most correct?
4. According to (EU) OPS, the minimum number of hand fire extinguishers to be located in the passenger compartment of an aircraft with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of 31 is:
5. The pyrotechnic means used in case of an emergency to indicate your position to the emergency teams are a flare: