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1. A VFR flight in Piper SENECA III. At a fuel check you have 60 US gallons (USG) of usable fuel remaining. Alternate fuel required is 12 USG. The flight time remaining is 1 hr 35 min. What is the highest consumption rate acceptable?
2. Flight planning chart for an aeroplane states, that the time to reach the cruising level at a given gross mass is 36 minutes and the distance travelled is 157 NM (zero- wind). What will be the distance travelled with an average tailwind component of 60 kts?
3. In the cruise at FL155 at 260 kts TAS, the pilot plans for a 500 ft/min descent in order to fly overhead MAN VOR at 2.000 feet (QNH 1030). TAS will remain constant during descent, wind is negligible, temperature is standard. The pilot must start the descent at a distance from MAN of:
4. ATC require a descent from FL270 to FL160 to be level 6 NM before a VOR. If rate of descent is 800 feet per minute, mean groundspeed is 256 kts, how far out from the VOR must descent be started?
5. An aircraft is in cruising flight at FL095 and TAS 155 kts. The pilot intends to descend at 500 ft/min to arrive overhead the MAN VOR at 2.000 ft (QNH 1030 hPa). The TAS remains constant in the descent, wind is negligible, temperature standard. At which distance from MAN should the pilot commence the descent?