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1. (Refer to figure 033-32)
A flight has to be made with a multi engine piston aeroplane. For the fuel calculations take 5 US gallons for the taxi, and an additional 13 minutes at cruise condition to account for climb and descent. Calculated time overhead to overhead is 2 hrs 37 min.
• Power setting is 65%, 2.500 RPM
• Calculated reserve fuel is 30% of the Trip Fuel
• FL120, OAT is 1°C
Find the minimum Block Fuel:

2. (Refer to figure 033-45) Given the following data: FL75 Lean mixture Economy Power setting Find the endurance with no reserve:

3. For a planned flight the calculated fuel is as follows:
Flight time: 2 hrs 42 min
Block Fuel: 136 kg
Taxi fuel: 9 kg
The reserve fuel, at any time, should be not less than 30% of Trip Fuel remaining.
How many kg of fuel should remain after 2 hrs of flight?

4. (Refer to figure 033-41) Given: Cruising: FL75 Mixture: lean Full throttle: 2.300 RPM Takeoff fuel: 444 lbs Takeoff from: MSL Find endurance in hours:

5. A turbine-engine aircraft burns fuel at 200 gallons per hour (GPH) with a Fuel Density of 0,8. What is the fuel flow if Fuel Density is 0,75?