34-04. (H) Performance Class 1 – Helicopters Certificated Under Cs 29

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1. Elevated heliports and helidecks:
If CPUI, all obstacles must be cleared during takeoff until end of takeoff distance required by:

2. Obstacle clearance during the takeoff flight path on magnetic track 205° in Performance Class 1 – VFR flight – with a left turn at 250 ftAGL to a new track of 175″, is:
3. In Performance Class 1, with one engine failed and the others operating normally, the helicopter’s weight at the estimated time of landing must be such that a rate of climb of at least 100 ft/min at 200 ft above the altitude of:
4. In Performance Class 1 , for a multi-engine helicopter of a total length with the rotors turning of less than 15 m, it is not necessary to take into account obstacles whose lateral margin relative to the helicopter’s flight path with the critical engine failed is greater than a certain distance.
5. With one engine inoperative, a helicopter with Perfor¬mance Class 1, when landing at an elevated heliport, must be able to clear all obstructions vertically by: