34-03. (H) Performance Class 2

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1. When considering the takeoff path for a helicopter with Performance Class 2, the aircraft must clear all obstacles vertically by:
2. In performance class 2 when there is a headwind compo¬nent, an operator, when calculating takeoff performance may take into account not:
3. In level flight, in Performance Class 2, with one engine failed and the others operating, at 1.000 ft above any ob¬stacle along his flightpath, the weight of the helicopter must allow it to climb:
4. In Performance Class 2, for a multi-engine helicopter of a total length with the rotors turning of less than 15 metres, it is not necessary to take into account ob¬stacles whose lateral margin relative to the helicopter’s flight path with the critical engine failed is greater than a certain distance (assume VFR operation at night).
5. What is the obstacle clearance required in connection with a balked landing after DPBL (Performance Class 2)7