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1. Given:
Total Mass: 2.900 kg
Centre of gravity (CG) location station: 115,0
Aft CG limit station: 116,0
The maximum mass that can be added at station 130,0 is:

2. (Refer to figure 031-55)
Without the man on the winch, the mass and the lateral CG position of the aircraft are 6.000 kg and 0,04 m to the right. The mass of the man on the winch is 100 kg. With the man on the winch, the lateral CG position of the air¬craft will be:

3. The CG of an aircraft is 980 inches aft of datum at an all up mass of 170.500 lbs. If 800 lbs of baggage is moved from FS 1130 to FS 430 the new CG will be:
4. An aircraft’s mass is 22.000 kg and the centre of gravity is 1,5 m aft of datum. What would be the new centre of gravity if 1.500 kg were transferred from the rear hold 15 m aft of datum to the forward hold 12 m forward of datum?
5. At a mass of 1.800 kg, a helicopter equipped with a winch has a lateral CG-position of 5 cm to the left. The CG of the load suspended from the winch is at a distance of 60 cm to the right. With a winch load of 200 kg the lat¬eral CG position of the helicopter will be: