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1. The following results were obtained after weighing a helicopter:
Front point: 220 kg
Right rear point: 500 kg
Left rear point: 480 kg
The helicopter datum is 3,40 m forward of the rotor axis. The front point is located 2,00 m forward of the rotor axis and the rear points are located 0,50 m aft of the rotor axis. The longitudinal CG position in relation to the datum is:

2. The aircraft Basic Mass and CG position is found in:
3. Calculate the centre of gravity for the aircraft in the diagram, given:
Left main: 1.600 kg
Right main: 1.700 kg
Nose: 1.200 kg

4. At the re-weighing of an aircraft, who is responsible for establishing the DOM?
5. The Basic Empty Mass of a helicopter is recorded in: