70-01-02. (EU)OPS

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1. In an aeroplane, each crew member shall be properly secured by all safety belts and harnesses provided:
1) during taxiing
2) during takeoff
3) during landing
4) whenever deemed necessary by the commander in the interest of safety
5) during other phases of flight

2. According to EU OPS, a transport aircraft carrying passengers with a door to the flight deck must:
3. Each flight is subject to a preliminary file collecting a certain amount of information. The operator will see that this file is kept on ground. It contains more particularly:
1) The weather conditions for the day including the weather forecast at destination.
2) One copy of the operational flight plan and, if required, the weight and balance sheet.
3) Copies of the relevant parts of the aircraft’s technical log.
4) The enroute NOTAM documentation when specifically issued by the operator.
5) Notification for special loadings.
6) For each flight, details of the days performances and limitations with completed charts.
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

4. According to (EU) OPS 1 and assuming the following circumstances:
– a Category A aeroplane
– an aerodrome equipped with runway edge lighting and centre line lighting and multiple RVR information
– an acceptable alternate aerodrome is available
What is the minimum RVR value for takeoff?

5. In accordance with (EU) OPS 1, 10% of the passengers in a non-pressurized airplane must have an oxygen supply reserve for the entire flight time when the cabin altitude pressure is greater than: