70-02. Operations Manual

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1. As regards the detection of bird strike hazard, the pilot’s means of information and prevention are:
1) ATIS.
2) NOTAMs.
4) Weather radar.
5) The report by another crew.
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2. What do you do in a microburst?
1) Apply engine power.
2) Retract speed brakes.
3) Retract flaps and gear.
4) Retract all drag devices.
5) Pitch up to stick shaker.

3. According with DOC 4444 (ICAO), a wake turbulence non-radar separation minima of 3 minutes shall be applied to:
4. The holdover time following an anti-icing procedure being carried out will vary considerably depending on the ambient temperature and the weather conditions. For a given ambient temperature, the longest protection will be in weather conditions of:
5. For an aeroplane with a tyre pressure of 13 bars, there is a risk of dynamic hydroplaning as soon as the: