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1. Given:
Distance A to B: 100 NM
Fix obtained 40 NM along and 6 NM to the left of course. What heading alteration must be made to reach B?

2. True track from A to B is 167°, and the distance is 140 NM. Variation is 12″WatA and 14″Wat B. Your flight-plan WCA 8°L. When the remaining distance to B is 35 NM you find that your position is 5 NM right of the flight plan track. Since over A you have steered as flight planned. What change of heading is required at this time to bring you directly to B?
3. Given:
TAS: 197 kts
True course: 240°
W/V: 180/30kts
Descent is initiated at FL220 and completed at FL40. Distance to be covered during descent is 39 NM. What is the approximate rate of descent?

4. During a low level flight, 2 parallel roads that are crossed at right angles by an aircraft. The time between these roads can be used to check the aircraft:
5. (Refer to figure 061-06)
Complete line 4 of the FLIGHT NAVIGATION LOG, posi¬tions ‘G’ to •H’. What is the HDG0 (M) and ETA?