61-03. CHARTS

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1. (Refer to figure 061-12)
What is the radial and DME distance from CON VOR/DME (53a54,8’N 008°49,1’W) to position 53°30’N 009°30’W?

2. (Refer to figure 061-08)
Which of the aeronautical chart symbols indicates a VOR?

3. (Refer to figure 061-12)
CON VOR (53°54.8’N 008°49.1’W) DME 30 NM CRN DME (53″18.1’N 008°56.5’W) DME 25 NM
Aircraft heading is 270°(M) and both DME distances are decreasing. What is the aircraft position?

4. (Refer to figure 061-07)
Which aeronautical chart symbol indicates a group of lighted obstacles?

5. On a direct Mercator, Rhumb Lines are: