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1. What is the change in longitude (in degrees and minutes) from A (45°N 165°30’E) to B (45°N 155°40’W)?
2. For 1s’ February the Air Almanac lists the following data:
Latitude: 66°00’N
Morning civil twilight: 07:56
Sunrise: 09:00
Sunset: 15:28
Evening civil twilight: 16:32
The duration of morning twilight at 66″00’N is:

3. The following values are given:
Grid track: 192
Grid convergence: 48W
Variation: 10E
Deviation: 2W
Find magnetic heading when WCA is 9L.

4. Given:
A: 55″N 000°
B: 54°N 010°E
The average true course of the great circle is 100°.
The true course of the rhumb line at point A is:

5. The prime meridian is: