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1. In the cruise at FL155 at 260 kts TAS, the pilot plans for a 500 ft/min descent in order to fly overhead MAN VOR at 2.000 feet (QNH 1030). TAS will remain constant during descent, wind is negligible, temperature is standard. The pilot must start the descent at a distance from MAN of:
2. (Refer to figure 033-55)
What is the minimum pressure altitude at which the conditions listed below may be met? Given:
Diversion distance: 720 NM
Tailwind component: 25 kts
Mass at point of diversion: 55.000 kg
Temperature: ISA
Diversion fuel available: 4.250 kg

3. An aircraft flying at 7.500 ft is cleared to descend to be level at 1.000 ft, 6 NM before reaching a beacon. If ground speed is 156 kts and Rate of Descent is 800 ft/min, how many miles before the beacon should descent begin?
4. A sector distance is 450 NM long. The TAS is 460 kts. The wind component is 50 kts tailwind. What is the still air distance?
5. (Refer to figure 033-29)
For the purpose of planning an extended range flight it is required that with a start of diversion mass of 55.000 kg a diversion of 600 nautical miles should be achieved in 90 minutes. Using the above table, the only listed cruise technique to meet that requirement is: