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1. (Refer to figure 033-80)
The W/V(°/kts) at 60°N 15°W is:

2. (Refer to figure 033-83)
Which describes the maximum intensity of turbulence, if any, at FL210 in the vicinity of the CANARY ISLANDS (29°N 015°W)?

3. For a distance of 1.860 NM between Q and R, a ground speed OUT of 385 kts, a ground speed BACK of 465 kts and an endurance of 8 hrs (excluding reserves) the distance from Q to the point of safe return (PSR) is:
4. (Refer to figure 033-83)
The surface system over London (51 °N 000°E) is a / an:

5. Given:
Distance from departure to destination: 3.000 NM
Safe endurance: 8 hrs
TAS: 520 kts
Ground speed out: 600 kts
Ground speed home: 440 kts
What is the time of the PSR from the departure point?