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1. The required time for final reserve fuel for turbojet aeroplane is:
2. For a planned flight the calculated fuel is as follows:
Flight time: 2 hrs 42 min
Block Fuel: 136 kg
Taxi fuel: 9 kg
The reserve fuel, at any time, should be not less than 30% of Trip Fuel remaining.
How many kg of fuel should remain after 2 hrs of flight?

3. An operator shall ensure that calculation of usable fuel for an IFR flight with a turbojet aeroplane for which no destination alternate is required includes, taxi fuel, Trip Fuel, contingency fuel and fuel to fly for:
4. (Refer to figure 033-50)
For a flight of 2.800 ground nautical miles the following applies:
Headwind component: 15 kts
Temperature: ISA + 15 °С
Cruise altitude: 35.000 ft
Landing Mass: 50.000 kg
The Trip Fuel and trip time respectively are:

5. (Refer to figure 033-40) At 6.000 ft what is the range of the aircraft at full throttle with 2.500 RPM set?