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1. VFR flights shall not be flown over the congested areas of cities at a height less than:
2. Given: True course: 017° W/V: 340°/30 TAS: 420 kts Find: 1) the wind correction angle (WCA) 2) the ground speed (G/S)

3. Given: Variation: 15°E Deviation: 6°W Heading: 080° (T) Determine aircraft’s compass and magnetic headings:

4. Given: True course (TC): 017° Wind: 160°/25 kts True airspeed (TAS): 180 kts Find wind correction angle (WCA) and ground speed (GS):

5. A mountain 6.011 ft AMSL lies along an aircraft’s track of 356° (T), variation 10°W, HDG 355° (M). What is the lowest VFR ICAO level the aircraft may fly to miss the mountain by at least 2.000 ft, QNH 990 hPa (assume 1 hPa = 30 ft)?