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1. The basic advantage of standard size containers:
2. The maximum floor loading on a baggage compartment floor is 120 lbs per square foot. If the surface area in contact with the floor is 4 ft x 3 ft and the mass of the total load is 1.320 lbs, the actual floor loading on this aircraft is:
3. Max floor loading = 750 kg per m2.A package of 600 kg is to be loaded. What is the minimum pallet size?
4. Loads must be adequately secured in order to:
5. A pallet having a freight platform which measures 200 cm x 250 cm has a Total Mass of 300 kg. The pallet is carried on two ground supports each measuring 20 cm x 200 cm. Using the Loading Manual for the transport aeroplane, calculate how much mass may be added to, or must be offloaded from, the pallet in order for the load intensity to match the maximum permitted distribution load intensity for lower deck forward cargo compartment.