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1. Where is the percentage MAC measured from?
2. Calculate the centre of gravity in % MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord) with following data: Distance datum – centre of gravity: 12,53 m Distance datum – leading edge: 9,63 m Length of MAC:

3. Determine the position of the CG as a percentage of the MAC given that the Balance Arm of the CG is 724 inches and the MAC extends from a Balance Arm of 517 in to 1.706 in:
4. The determination of the centre of gravity in relation to the Mean Aerodynamic Chord:
5. The weights measured at the landing gear of an aircraft are as follows:
Nose wheel (55 inches aft of datum): 475 lbs
Right main wheel (121 inches aft of datum): 1.046 lbs
Left main wheel (121 inches aft of datum): 1.040 lbs
The CG of the aircraft is: