31-02. LOADING

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1. 2.588 USG of fuel has been loaded into an aircraft, what is the volume in litres?
2. Given:
Maximum Structural Takeoff Mass: 72.000 kg
Maximum Structural Landing Mass: 56.000 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Mass: 48.000 kg
Taxi Fuel: 800 kg
Trip Fuel: 18.000 kg
Contingency Fuel: 900 kg
Alternate Fuel: 700 kg
Final Reserve Fuel: 2.000 kg
Determine the actual Takeoff Mass:

3. Traffic Load is the:
4. For the purpose of completing the Mass and Balance documentation, the Dry Operating Mass is defined as:
5. An aircraft takes off normally on a scheduled flight however, shortly after takeoff the aeroplane is diverted to another airfield.
Max Structural TOM: 14.000 kg
Performance Limited TOM: 12.690 kg
Max Structural LM (MSLM): 9.600 kg
Trip Fuel to original destination: 6.000 kg
Contingency Fuel: 200 kg
Alternate Fuel: 200 kg
Final reserve fuel: 750 kg
Expected Landing Mass at original destination: 4.600 kg
Actual flight duration: 2 hours
Fuel consumption: 1.500 kg/hrs
Performance Limited LM at diversion airfield (PLLM): 9.000 kg