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1. Except for airplanes under 5,7 t airworthiness certificate of which is subsequent to 31 march 1998, a flight data recording system must be able to store the recorded data for a minimum of the last:
2. The cockpit voice recorder must preserve the conversation and aural warnings of the last:
3. A cockpit voice recorder (CVR) will record: 1) the information exchanged by the cabin crew 2) the conversations between the crew members and voice communications transmitted from or received on the flight deck by radio 3) the announcements made via the public address even if it has not been selected 4) the conversations and alarms audible in the cockpit 5) the captain conversations only The combination re-grouping all the correct statements is:
4. According to the EU OPS regulations, the Cockpit Voice Recorder of a 30 seat multi-engined aircraft, having been granted an airworthiness certificate after 1st April 1998, shall start recording:
5. The voice recorder records on four different channels the following information: 1) aural warnings 2) radio communications 3) conversations between the crew members through the cockpit interphone 4) announcements to the passengers The combination re-grouping all the correct statements is: