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1. Magnetic compass errors are:
2. When turning onto a northerly heading the rose of a magnetic compass tends to “undershoot”; when turning onto a southerly heading it tends to “overshoot”:
1) These compass indications are less reliable in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere.
2) These compass oscillations following a lateral gust are not identical if the aircraft is heading north or south.
3) This behaviour is due to the mechanical construction of the compass.
4) This behaviour is a symptom of a badly swung compass.
The correct statements are:

3. An aircraft lands on a southerly direction in the northern hemisphere. The compass indication will:
4. The direct indicating compass is no more reliable when approaching:
1) the magnetic poles
2) the magnetic equator with an east or west heading
3) the magnetic equator with a north or south heading
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

5. The quadrantal deviation of the magnetic compass is due to the action of: