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1. Gas turbine engine rotational speed (RPM) is usually sensed using either:
2. The advantages of single-phase AC generator tachometer are:
1) the suppression of spurious signals due to a DC generator commutator
2) the importance of line resistance on the information value
3) the independence of the information in relation to the airborne electrical power supply
4) the ease of transmission of the information
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

3. In an average or heavy weight transport airplane, generally, the fuel quantity is measured by “capacitor” gauges because these give:
1) indications partly independent of fuel temperature variations
2) indications almost independent of the airplane’s attitude and accelerations
3) indications expressed in density
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

4. The engine pressure ratio (EPR) is computed by:
5. The pressure probe used to measure the pressure of a low pressure fuel pump is: