21-12. Protection and Detection Systems

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1. When the fire handle of the engine fire-extinguishing system of an aircraft is pulled, the effects are:
1) closing of the LP valve of the fuel system
2) opening of the air bleed valves and HP valves on the engine concerned
3) setting of extinguishing systems
4) closing of the isolation and de-icing valves
5) isolation of the associated electric current generators
6) immediate discharge of extinguishing agent
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

2. Regarding detection systems, ion detectors are used to detect:
3. The flight deck warning on activation of a fire detection system is:
4. When a part of a continuous loop fire detection system is heated:
1) its resistance decreases
2) its resistance increases
3) the leakage current increases
4) the leakage current decreases
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

5. In transport aeroplanes overheat detection systems are installed in the: