10-10. FACILITATION (ICAO Annex 9)

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1. Except in special circumstances determined by the public authorities concerned, when a passenger is passing through the territory of a Contracting State and has to stay in that Contracting State until the next flight for lack of facilities or any other circumstances, the Contracting State where the international airport is located shall permit such a passenger to remain within its territory without requiring visas prior to the arrival when:
2. The documents for entry and departure of aircraft:
3. For an inbound aircraft, the PIC can be asked to provide which of the following?
4. What is the purpose of a CMC?
5. When cargo, unaccompanied baggage or stores are not unladen at their intended destination but are unladen at another international airport, the Contracting State where the unloading takes place, if satisfied that there has been no gross negligence or careless by the operator: