81-06. Limitations

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1. Which statement is correct about the gust load factor on an aeroplane?
1) When the mass increases, the gust load factor increases.
2) When the altitude decreases, the gust load factor increases.

2. The gust load factor due to a vertical up-gust increases when:
3. An aircraft has a mass of 60.000 kg and a limiting positive load factor of 2,5 G. VA is calculated as the EAS at which full positive elevator deflection will give the limiting load factor at the stall, and is 237 Ms. If the aircraft mass is reduced to 40.000 kg by fuel burn, what will be the new VA?
4. The extreme right limitation for both V-n (gust and manoeuvre) diagrams is created by the speed:
5. What is the limit load factor of a large transport aeroplane in the manoeuvring diagram?