70-02. Operations Manual

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1. When jettisoning fuel, for certification the following conditions must be demonstrated:
1) Fuel jettisoning must be free from fire hazards.
2) Fuel discharges clear of aircraft.
3) Fuel or fumes do not enter the aircraft.
4) Fuel jettisoning does not affect the controllability of the aircraft.
5) Fuel can be jettisoned within 30 minutes.

2. On passing through a shear line, why does the IAS change?
3. If smoke appears in the air conditioning, the first action to take is to:
4. Where dangerous goods are carried on a flight which takes place wholly or partly outside the territory of a State, which language must be used on the transport document in addition to any other language?
5. During a landing approach, the aircraft is subjected to windshear with a decreasing headwind. In the absence of a pilot action, the aircraft:
1) flies above the glide path
2) flies below the glide path
3) has an increasing true airspeed
4) has a decreasing true airspeed
The combination of correct statements is: