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1. An aircraft at FL370 is required to commence descent at 120 NM from a VOR and to cross the facility at FL130. If the mean GS for the descent is 288 kts, the minimum rate of descent required is:
2. What do you understand by the term “white-out”?
3. The distance between positions A and B is 180 NM. An aircraft departs position A and after having traveled 60 NM, its position is pinpointed 4 NM left of the intended track. Assuming no change in wind velocity, what alteration of heading must be made in order to arrive at position B?
4. A ground feature was observed on a relative bearing of 315° and 3 min later on a relative bearing of 270°. The W/Vis calm; aircraft GS 180 kts. What is the minimum distance between the aircraft and the ground feature?
5. Halfway between two reporting points the navigation log gives the following information:
TAS: 360 kts
W/V: 330V80 kts
Compass heading: 237°
Deviation on this heading: -5°
Variation: 19°W
What is the average groundspeed for this leg?