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1. Given:
Actual HDG: 290°
TAS: 250 kts
Wind: 135/75 kts
What is the ground speed?

2. Course 040°T, TAS 120 kts, wind speed 30 kts. From which direction will the wind give the greatest drift:
3. An aircraft is landing on runway 23 (QFU 227″), surface wind 180V30 kts from ATIS; variation is 13°E. The cross wind component on landing is:
4. Given:
TAS: 190 kts
HDG: 355″ (T)
W/V: 165/25 kts
Calculate the drift and GS.

5. The tank capacity of an aircraft is 310 US GAL. Fuel specific gravity is 0,78 kg/litre. The tanks are now 3/4 full. You want to refuel so that total fuel will be 850 kg. How much fuel will you have to refuel?