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1. An aircraft is flying at MACH 0,84 at FL330. The static air temperature is -48 °С and the headwind component 52 kts. At 1338 UTC the controller requests the pilot to cross the meridian of 030°W at 1500 UTC. Given the distance to go is 570 NM, the reduced Mach number should be:
2. An aircraft flight planning chart states that the time to reach FL190 at a given gross mass is 22 minutes with a still air distance of 66 NM. The ground distance travelled when the average headwind component is 35 kts will be:
3. During an IFR flight in a Beech Bonanza the fuel indicators show that the remaining amount of fuel is 100 lbs after 38 minutes. The total takeoff fuel at departure was 160 lbs. For the alternate fuel, 30 lbs is necessary. The planned fuel for taxi was 13 lbs. Final reserve fuel is estimated at 50 lbs. If the fuel flow remains the same, how many minutes can be flown to the destination with the remaining fuel?
4. Minimum planned takeoff fuel is 160 kg (30% total reserve fuel is included). Assume the groundspeed on this trip is constant. When the aeroplane has done half the distance the remaining fuel is 70 kg. Is diversion to a nearby alternate necessary?
5. A VFR flight in Piper SENECA III. At a fuel check you have 60 US gallons (USG) of usable fuel remaining. Alternate fuel required is 12 USG. The flight time remaining is 1 hr 35 min. What is the highest consumption rate acceptable?