33-05. ICAO FLIGHT PLAN (ATS Flight Plan)

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1. During an IFR flight TAS and time appear to deviate from the data in the flight plan. The minimum deviations, that should be reported to ATC in order to conform to PANS-RAC, are:
2. Total elapsed time for an IFR flight, when filling in the ICAO flight plan at box 16, is the time elapsed from:
3. On a VFR flight plan, the total estimated time is:
4. You have a flight plan IFR from Amsterdam to London. In the flight plan it is noted that you will deviate from the ATS route passing the FIR boundary Amsterdam/London. The airway clearance reads “Cleared to London via flight planned route”. Which of the following statements is correct?
5. On an ATC flight plan, the letter Y is used to indicate that the flight is carried out under the following flight rules: