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1. The quantity of fuel which is calculated to be necessary for a jet aeroplane to fly IFR from departure aerodrome to the destination aerodrome is 5.352 kg. Fuel consumption in holding mode is 6.000 kg/hr. Alternate fuel is 4.380 kg. Contingency should be 5% of Trip Fuel. What is the minimum required quantity of fuel which should be on board at takeoff?
2. The required time for final reserve fuel for turbojet aeroplane is:
3. Given the following data determine the maximum possible takeoff fuel: Fuel density: 0,78 kg/l Dry Operating Mass: 33.500 kg Traffic Load: 10.600 kg, Maximum Allowable Takeoff Mass: 66.200 kg Taxi Fuel: 200 kg, Tank capacity:22.500 litres .
4. (Refer to figure 033-32)
A flight has to be made with a multiengine piston aeroplane. For the fuel calculations take 5 US gallons for the taxi, and an additional 13 min at cruise condition to account for climb and descent. Calculated time from overhead to overhead is 1 hr 47 min.
• Power setting is 45%, 2.600 RPM
• Calculated reserve fuel is 30% of the Trip Fuel
• FL100, OAT is -5°C Find the minimum Block Fuel:

5. A public transport aeroplane with reciprocating engines is flying from PARIS to LYON. The final reserve corresponds to: