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1. The floor of the main cargo hold is limited to 4.000 N/m2. It is planned to load a cubic container each side of which measures 0,5 m. Its maximum gross mass must not exceed (assume g=10 m/s2):
2. If a load moves in flight:
3. The maximum load per running metre of an aeroplane is 350 kg/m. The width of the floor area is 2 metres. The floor strength limitation is 300 kg per square metre. Which one of the following crates (length x width x height) can be loaded directly on the floor?
4. If a compartment takes a maximum load of 500 kg, with a running load of 350 kg/m and a distribution load of 300 kg/m2 max. Which of the following 500 kg boxes can be carried?
1) 100 cm x 110 cm x 145 cm
2) 125 cm x 135 cm x 142 cm
3) 120 cm x 140 cm x 143 cm
4) 125 cm x 135 cm x 144 cm

5. The maximum intensity floor loading for an aeroplane is given in the Flight Manual as 650 kg per square metre. What is the maximum mass of a package which can be safely supported on a pallet with dimensions of 80 cm by 80 cm?