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1. With respect to a multi-engine piston powered aeroplane, determine the CG location at takeoff in the following conditions: Basic Empty Mass: 3.210 lbs Basic arm: 88,5 in One pilot: 160 lbs Front seat passenger: 200 lbs Centre seat passengers: 290 lbs (total) One passenger rear seat: 110 lbs Baggage in zone 1: 100 lbs Baggage in zone 4: 50 lbs Zero Fuel Mass: 4.120 lbs Moment at Zero Fuel Mass: 377.751 Ibs.in Block Fuel: 100 US Gal Trip Fuel: 55 US Gal Fuel for start up and taxi (included in Block Fuel): 3 US Gal Fuel density: 6 lbs/US Gal

2. Given:
Total Mass: 2.900 kg
Centre of gravity (CG) location station: 115,0
Aft CG limit station: 116,0
The maximum mass that can be added at station 130,0 is:

3. A turbojet aeroplane has a planned Takeoff Mass of 190.000 kg. The cargo load is distributed as follows:
Cargo 1: 3.000 kg (3,50 m from reference point), Cargo 4: 7.000 kg (20,39 m from reference point)
Distance from reference point to leading edge: 14 m, Length of MAC: 4,6 m
Once the cargo loading is completed, the crew is informed that the centre of gravity at takeoff is located at 38% MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Cord) which is beyond the limits. The captain decides then to redistribute part of the cargo load between cargo 1 and cargo 4 in order to obtain a new centre of gravity location at 31% MAC. Following the transfer operation, the new load distribution is:

4. An aeroplane has 2 cargo holds, cargo hold 1 is located 6 m forward of the datum, hold 2 is located 7 m aft of the datum. The Takeoff Mass of the aircraft is 60.000 kg and the CG is located at 2 m aft of datum. Just prior to takeoff, cargo weighing 1.250 kg is removed from cargo hold 1, what will be the new CG for takeoff?
5. Calculate the position of the centre of gravity for takeoff and landing from the following information: Maximum Takeoff Mass: 3.400 kg Maximum Landing Mass: 3.000 kg Burn off: 300 kg fuel and 5 kg oil Centre of gravity range: 2,5 to 3,5 m aft STATION MASS (kg) ARM (m) MOMENT Basic Mass 2.000 2,25 aft +4.500 Fuel 500 3,5 aft +1.750 Oil 20 9fwd -180 Crew 150 3,75 fwd -562,5 Passengers 340 4 aft +1.360 Baggage 260 Waft +2.600