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1. On a TCAS II a RA traffic is shown as:
2. (Refer to figure 022-10)
The relative altitude of the ТА intruder is and the ТА intruder is.

3. If warning, caution, or advisory lights are installed in the cockpit, they must, unless otherwise approved by the Authority, be red for:
4. A transport airplane has to be equipped with an altitude warning device. This system will warn the crew about:
1) getting close to the preselected altitude, during both climb and descent.
2) getting close to the preselected altitude, during climb only.
3) the loss of altitude during takeoff or missed approach.
4) a wrong landing configuration.
5) a variation higher or lower than a preselected altitude. The combination regrouping the correct statements is:

5. Which is a valid TCAS command?