10-10. FACILITATION (ICAO Annex 9)

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1. Contracting states shall carry out the handling, forwarding and clearance of airmail and shall comply with the documentary procedures as prescribed:
2. Unaccompanied baggage carried by air shall be cleared under the procedure applicable to:
3. When disinsecting is required by a Contracting State as a public health measure, the desinsecting is made when the aircraft is suitably equipped by means of an automatic dispersal or vapour while the aircraft is flying, but as far in advance as possible and:
4. How many copies of the general declaration can be required to be delivered to the public authority by the pilot or agent on arrival?
5. A non-scheduled aircraft wants to land for non-commercial reasons in an ICAO contracting state. The flight plan is to be sufficient notification for acceptance of this flight. How much time in advance must the flight plan be received?