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1. For which of the following is a flight plan, in accordance with Annex 2, to be submitted?
2. Aerodrome control can use light signals when radio communications are not possible. For an aircraft on the ground, a green flashing light means:
3. An aircraft operated on, or in the vicinity of, an aerodrome shall whether or not within an ATZ: 1) Observe other aerodrome traffic for the purpose of avoiding collision. 2) Conform with or avoid the pattern of traffic formed by other aircraft in operation. 3) Make all turns to the right, when approaching for landing or taking-off unless otherwise instructed. 4) Land and take off into the wind unless safety, the runway configuration, or an air traffic consideration determines that a different direction should be used. Which statements are correct?
4. A flight plan shall be submitted for:
5. If the time estimated for the next reporting point differs from that notified to ATS, a revised estimate shall be notified to ATS if the time difference is: