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1. The low altitude radio altimeter uses the following wavelengths:
2. The Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS) Mode 5 is activated when:
3. An “altitude warning system” must at least warn the crew:
1) when approaching the pre-selected altitude
2) when the airplane is approaching the ground too fast
3) in case of a given deviation above or below the preselected altitude (at least by an aural warning)
4) in case of excessive vertical speed
5) when approaching the ground with the gear retracted
The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:

4. What does a radio altimeter, for an aircraft in the landing configuration, measure?
5. An altitude alerting system must be capable of alerting the pilot about:
1) Approaching selected altitude.
2) Excessive deviation from selected altitude.
3) Excessive vertical speed.
4) Excessive terrain closure.
5) Abnormal gear/flap combination.
The combination regrouping the correct statements is: