Aircraft performance


Aircraft Antonov-124 “Ruslan” created for the transport of very large-scale goods, mostly military. First flew in 1982. Prior to 2004, it produced 56 machines. Now attempts are made to resume production.


Flight performance Antonov-124
Cruising speed, km/h 865
Practical flight range, km 15700
Maximum altitude, meters 12000
Technical characteristics Antonov-124
Crew, people 4-7
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 402000
Empty weight, kg 173000
Number of passengers 880
Load capacity, kg 150000
Length, meters 69,1
Wingspan, meters 73,3 м
Aircraft height 21,1 м
The area of the aircraft wing 628 кв.м
Fuel tanks volume 212 000 кг
Power aircraft engines 4 * 229,85 кН
Dimensions cabin for passengers
Length 41,5 м (грузовая
Width 6,4 м (грузовая)
Height 4,4 м (грузовая)

Documentation for Antonov-124

Document title Size
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РЛЭ Ан-124-100 Книга 1 22,66 Mb
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