Aircraft performance


Let-410 aircraft production Czechoslovak Let us first aircraft of foreign manufacture, which began to be applied to the Soviet airlines. The first flight in 1969. Total produced 1,138 aircraft.


Flight performance L410
Cruising speed, km/h 457
Practical flight range, km 1380
Maximum altitude, meters 6320
Technical characteristics L410
Crew, people 2
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 5800
Empty weight, kg 3800
Number of passengers 17-19
Load capacity, kg 1615
Length, meters 13,61
Wingspan, meters 17,47 м
Aircraft height 5,64 м
The area of the aircraft wing 35,18 кв.м
Fuel tanks volume 1300 л
Power aircraft engines 2 * 750 л.с.
Dimensions cabin for passengers
Length 6.34 м
Width 1.95 м
Height 1.66 м

Documentation for L410

Document title Size
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РЛЭ Л–410 УВП-Э часть 2 17,6 Mb
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