Aircraft performance


Multipurpose aircraft Antonov-2 was developed in 1946 to meet the challenges of peacetime. Due to the high reliability and safety has become the world’s only aircraft manufactured 61 years (now made in China). There are 16 modifications.


Flight performance Antonov-2
Cruising speed, km/h 150-190
Practical flight range, km 990
Maximum altitude, meters 4500
Technical characteristics Antonov-2
Crew, people 2
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 5500
Empty weight, kg 3400-3690
Number of passengers 12
Load capacity, kg 1500
Length, meters 12,4
Wingspan, meters 8,425 м
Aircraft height 5,35 м
The area of the aircraft wing 71,52 м?
Fuel tanks volume 1240 л
Power aircraft engines АШ-62ИР 735,45 к
Dimensions cabin for passengers
Length 4,1 м (грузовая)
Width 1,8 м (грузовая)
Height 1,6 м (грузовая)

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