Omura OMJ в Omura / Japan

ICAO code
Country/city Japan / Omura
Time zone +9.0 GMT
Geographical coordinates lat=35.083332 / lon=140.100006
Altitude, meters
Runway length, meters
Runway length, feets 0
Number of runway
Contact Information Омура OMJ

The nearest airports are within a radius of 150 km.

Airport YOK – Yokohama/Japan distance 55.194 km.
Airport HND – Tokyo/Japan distance 59.694 km.
Airport NJA – Atsugi/Japan distance 72.006 km.
Airport OIM – Oshima/Japan distance 75.295 km.
Airport NRT – Tokyo/Japan distance 80.087 km.
Airport OKO – Tokyo/Japan distance 100.54 km.
Airport MYE – Miyake Jima/Japan distance 122.668 km.

Airport Omura OMJ on the map

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